1 week without instruction 7 days and 7 nights’ accommodation and all meals included

One person 650 €    (inclus of tax)   

2 people 600 €         (inclus of tax)

Tutorial in English 5 days a week (20 € per hour - 100 € 5 lessons)



Eating out excursions or paid activities etc., entry to attractions

Students should bring around 50 € for any small extras.



Miscellaneous Information


Students will have an assessment of their level of English language at the beginning of the holiday.

The student to send a short letter or email of introduction with a photo after their reservation is confirmed.

Parents or guardian must inform us if the student has any problems with their health, diet etc., before making a reservation.

At the end of the holiday a progress report will be sent to the parent or guardian.

A telephone call or email will be sent to the parent within the first 24 hours to confirm the safe arrival of the student and that they have settled in happily.